Helpful Information and How-to's for Artists


Sharing with artists some things I have learned from experience
by Robert Boyd

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Wiring your artwork for hanging
Step by step directions with photos of each step


Considerations for entering a show
Weigh the pro's and con's


How to photograph your artwork for entry into shows and for the web
Step by step to photograph you own artwork with a common digital camera

Finalizing and editing your images for shows or web
After photographing, these are the next steps for preparing your images
using Photoshop Elements

These steps are demonstrated on video at You Tube
Unfortunately the screen resolution on my computer makes the type too small
for you to see and read on the video, but you can listen and watch and get the basic operations.
If you do not have Elements or Photoshop, there is a free program online at
which looks and functions very similar to Elements.  Choose Editor and "free distort"
where I used "skew".


If you are wanting a website for yourself, read the helpful information by Pat Boyd
under Web Design by Pat Boyd, which helps you think about and prepare for your website.





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